Full year

by August   Sep 21, 2004

And we bring about something
With inane ramblings forth
Trying to detach our brains from our heads
From ourselves, from this room

We find each other in stone
In the bark of weathered pine
You threw me out on birtch's autumn doorstep
Alone in the wind, with pictures of you

I'll brave young man's winter
Nest in trees beyond
Those burning images still keep me warm
Fiery you, without me

Flowers cannot bloom
And I decapitate trees
Whose leaves are not to feel sun's love, just as I
Crush the blossoms, crush the earth

Will I last in brightening light
And breaking dark clouds?
Wanting for stirring fate on arid breaths
We exist for fall, then truth

Now, ready for your love,
Can you denounce my faith?
I am withered, but here, after one year
But ready, I will wait forever
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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Bret Higgins

    Slinky mate, slinky. Very good concept and yes, it is your best effort yet.

    SP. Birch not birtch,

    Though I know why you use the plural I'd go wo with breath over breaths as it can be though of as breathing as a whole.

  • 14 years ago

    by August

    I think this is my best poem in wuite sometime, so why do people give me 5's on my reletive crap?!? read this one, peoples, it's quite a nifty concept if you get it.