Never fallen out of love

by james   Sep 22, 2004

The first time I've ever fallen in love
Hoping it will be he last
Wishing it was the first
Craving my one true love every minute

All i wish for
Is that one last kiss goodnight
To wish everything will be alright
To never walk alone again

From the minute my lost love spoke to me
To the last cursed words she would say to me
I always loved her
I always will love her

From the sound of the sea to the stars in the sky
From the city lights to the sound of her voice
I will never forget a thing
All i know is i love you

I always have,I always will.


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Latest Comments

  • Well i though to was beautiful.

  • 15 years ago

    by InvisibleGurl

    Totally loved the poem James, I felt the love you have for her.
    Reminded me of the feelings I have.
    Loved it!

  • 16 years ago

    by SweetDreamer

    James, that is such a sweet poem! It's written well, and it seems truly heartfelt, like a girl you loved left u on the very day that you wrote it. Nice work! Thanks for the awesome comments on mine, feel free to put some more:P. lol. talk to u later