What Is Inspiration

by james   Nov 10, 2004

People ask, what's your inspiration?
I ask back, what is inspiration
Is it something we have to think about
Something thats there
Something thats not

Could inspiration be the sound music
The vision of a clear night sky with a shining moon
Or is inspiration something we feel
Every person is different i normally reply

Each one of us has a different heart and soul
Each one of us has a soul mate,someone we always think about
Inspiration to me is something which comes from the inside
Your heart,your soul,deep within
No matter what u will never lose heart and soul Therefore inspiration will always be alive
In each and every writer,in each and every human
We will always go the extra mile if we have inspiration
We will never give up,never give in
Inspiration.. Inspiration is something we create and work for ourselves
Inspiration is the life we live everyday.

*I've written this poem because i haven't been writing poems as much as i used to lately and its because for a short period of time i felt i lost my inspiration but i learned i didn't. Thank you reading any comments and votes are well appreciated*


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  • 12 years ago

    by Vanessa

    I really like this one it made a lot of sense..:]
    I give it a big 5/5!
    please keep writing