Together forever

by melissa   Oct 30, 2004

I love you."
Those were the last words you said
As you plunged into the ocean
And were found dead
I heard the story on the news
That there was a sailor death at sea
I never dreamed it was you
I thought to myself
"Poor girlfriend of the sailor."
I never thought it was true
When I heard the phone ring
I thought it would be you
Calling to tell me you were alright and did I hear the news
But when I picked up it wasn't you
It was a officer named Jim that had some bad news
I asked if you were okay and if I could speak to you
He said that he was sorry and that your life was through
I dropped the phone and fell to the floor
Crying tears for hours
Intill the phone rang again and I dreamed it would be you
I picked it up and heard your voice but then it disappeared
I asked the new man on the phone if I could speak Tom
He said that Tom had perished and I asked if it were true
He said yes and told me to go
Go to the police station
To tell the news
I hung up and stood up
Still crying up a storm
When again the phone rang and it was Officer Norm
He said that he had found your body and that you were still breathing
My tears changed from sad to happy ones
And thats when I knew that we would be together forever


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  • 15 years ago

    by melissa

    any body who has viewed this poem. i would love to hear your views on it.