What did i do?

by Alicia   Oct 31, 2004

Why can you not love me?
I wish i could let my heart speak
Let it tell you all the things
That my head can't because i am weak

Did God not make me to be loved
Maybe love i wasn't meant to feel
But i would exchange my soul for one sweet kiss
For you id make that deal

All i have ever wanted
Is love from you too me
For me to be someone special
Not nothing that no one sees

Everyday i wake up lonely
Do the smile that is so untrue
But the tears i am crying inside myself
Are all put there by you

Yet you go on oblivious
Not knowing the pain u make
Just smiling at me n calling me friend
Is too much pain to take

Because i don't just want to be your friend
I want to be your girl
Why can't u just see the truth
That your my whole wide world

But my heart it is too worried
Because the truth could really cost
That if i tell you that i love you
Your friendship might be lost


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