The Rose

by Leo   Nov 9, 2004

So much hatred lays withing one single rose. All because of the hate of two people.

A woman planted the seed of hate. The purpose of this was to for the rose to carry on her hate for a man. As time passed the seed became a Black Rose. Clipped and trimmed to always show hate for the man. The Rose soon did hate the man, for when he took over the gardening there was no joy, The Rose was always restrained, it never had freedom. But the Black Rose knows that someday it will.

Each year the Black Rose dies and then blossoms with more and more Hate. Many years will pass and the Rose will get too big to restrain. It will get too big and will be ripped off the ground and will be replanted in some distant land. There it shall die as soon as it is replanted but will soon after be reborn as a Red Rose.

This new Rose will stand for Love and Happiness. Yet each thorn, it bears on the stem, will stand for a memory of its pervious form. Each time that HE reaches for it, HE shall be pricked and be forced to release and step away from the new Rose. The Rose will be free at last and its new gardener will always care for it and trim it to display Love instead of Hate.


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