Finding Your Mr. Right

by Tiffany Marie   Jun 30, 2003

I finally found my Mr. Right,
Now, Im not going to let him out of sight.
There are many people out there,
Searching for something so rare.

The perfect person for them,
Is probably far, far away.
But they still search,
And might even see them today.

But they dont come with labels,
Telling who they should be with.
So, just go on with your day,
And believe this as a myth.

To some people,
This may all be true,
But to most,
You dont know what to do.

You look high and low,
Right and left,
But you cant seem to find them,
Left in their heart is a cleft.

All you have to do,
Is live your life normally,
And you will have a better chance,
Of finding them formally.

I was just walking through school,
When I found him.
He was walking toward me,
And the halls were no longer dim.

My palms began to sweat,
My heart began to race.
Everything started changing,
When I seen his face.

Time has gone by,
Since that day,
And I still look at him,
In that certain way.

Day by day,
Together we have aged,
After spending a year together,
Now we are engaged.

Together we will live,
In the same house,
Now and forever,
He will be my spouse.

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  • 12 years ago

    by danielle

    I love this poem this is talking about me and my boyfirend. i am his first girlfrend i am very happy to day i will be his wife.