AnØth€r hØMie ÐØwN

by Angelicious1   Dec 17, 2004

Bullets shot out the gun,
Such a tragedy,
But thats only the first one whose life is done,
We got a homie down,
Cause some dumbass clown,
Ended the life...La vida,
De mi homie Rosita,
Closest homegurl to me,
Now Im Cryin here on my knees,
Seein My bestfriend bleed,
Over a wrong deal of weed,

My homie Rick,
He got killed sick,
They hung him by a wire and on his face tagged out "pinche prick."
Blood on the wall,
Still hangin,
Never bound to fall,
Purple face,
pobre Ricardo Rest in paycce.

Another young homita down,
She was MS. SILENT,
Literally killed with no sound,
She was deaf and couldn't talk much,
She was killed with a simple hush,
See She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time,
When some vatos pulled out their nines,
To this day I still sit here n cry,
A life Taken,
Fatal drive-by

Then theres Pancho AKA Sancho,
They burnt his face con un plancho,
Sofficated to death,
He didn't even get a chance to hear his last breath

Selena era como mi hermanita,
Gave her anything ella necesita,
I looked out for her,
But one day I wasn't there,
N a tragedy occured,
They Slit her throat because her boyfriend was talkin shit,
Sad thing is the boyfriend didn't even get hit.

Nena...11 years old ..apenas,
walking on the street one night all alone,
3:00 in tha morning,
There was popo on the phone,
Sayin they have found a body and that it was her,
They said they were 100% sure,
They say she was assaulted and taped,
They Say poor lil Nena was probably pregnant,
For she was also raped,

Gorda I miss you,
N Snoopy too,
I miss all the crew,
You all were there from the start,
Now your faint memories in my heart,
I wish I could've gave Danny 1 last kiss,
He was My prince,
I was his highness,
I wish you all were still around,
As I Try to stay mound,
But I just Can't...Have aNOthER Homie down...



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  • 14 years ago

    by India Vogel

    that poem is so sad. i dont know wut i would do if my friends were gone like that. keep those poems comin chica! they were awesome!