Frozen Love

by the love of another fills my soul   Dec 22, 2004

The warmth of heaven shall never be my cure.Nor has it ever been.The dark , cold, despair that awaits me in hell ,shall be my cure.
Just as it always has. The cold bites at my skin, my face and body. Untill finally, there's nothing left but a frozen peice of misery.The cold heels me, makes me feel better, makes me calm down.It soothes my body and my mind.It helps me realize things i've never realized before. Helps me think , helps me realize things, like the loneliness inside me.My mind is and shall always be frozen lonelieness and despair. Only shall it thaw a little when my true love comes to save me. But only shall it thaw just a little.Never shall i let go of the loneliness inside me thta ihave come 2 realize everyday.Never shall i let go of the lonliness inside me, until my true love finally sets me free.

this poem is a little strange and confusing to those who don't understand.But if u understand and realize what i mean. well, it was wroth reading.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Takisha

    I liked your poem and can relate to it really well. Keep up the good work

  • 14 years ago

    by Falling Up

    Hey i really like your free verse poem, minus a few grammar errors, and the repitition of the word Shall, being used too many times.. but other than that it is good.. and i also feel cold all the time, for many different reasons, mostly boys and lost love... but true, only getting back the lost feeling the boy has made me feel, will ever make me happy again... until then. ill be cold.. good metaphor! well please comment on my latest poems and ill do the same for you! since after all we are in the same club!

  • 14 years ago

    by Z

    Well I liked this poem, a lot of good imagery and you described your feelings well. Seems like there are just some jerks on here who run around rating poems 1's....