They come and they go

by DestinyAwaits   Jan 30, 2005

As the days come quicker,
I feel emptier inside.
My hearts running on low,
But I'm still along for the ride.

They come and they go,
With the feeling of rejection.
If you really don't care,
Spare me of your childish satisfaction.

My interest in you is all jumbled up,
I wish that I could make things more clear.
Your smile, your humor, your intelligence,
The intimidation causing all this fear.

They come and they go,
It's a regular routine for me.
I can read it through their eyes,
Saying I'll break your'll see.

I don't want to come on too strong,
And cause you to ignore my phone calls.
But what if I go slow and not speak up,
And miss the one, the one I never had at all.

They come and they go,
Each tear drop never falls the same.
With a smile Rip my heart out
And in blood write my name.

So, don't be scared to touch me,
Reach for my hand and caress my lips.
I long for you in my heavenly dreams,
Losing reality, feel your hands upon my hips.

They come and they go,
That's what I keep repeating in my head.
Nothing but kindness pulsing in your veins,
One smell of sweet blood, your hearts dead.

They come and they go...
Just learn to face it.
Year after year they branded me,
Every time they knew what button to hit.

So, the next "Romeo" who comes,
He'll sweep you off your feet just so.
Collect all of your tears,
Cause he came... soon enough he'll go.


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