Best friends forever

by courtney   Feb 23, 2005

You're always there to guide me,
you're the angel God has sent to me,
you're there to help me when I'm down,
you're forever and always my best friend.

you have been with me through good and bad times,
you are silly and funny,
you make me smile,
best friends till the end.

I wouldn't change anything about you,
you're everything I'm looking for in a best friend,
you always have great advice,
you're going to leave footprints on my heart true blue.

sometimes you act like a fool,
but I think you're cool,
you'll always be my best friend,
and I don't think our friendship will end.

you're the best friend everyone wants,
and I'm happy you're my bf,
I'll always be here for you,
me + you = best friends forever.


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