AND NOW..........

by courtney   May 3, 2005

It makes me mad about how you lie,
You say you don't like her when you do,
You're the best thing that has happened to me,
And now it's down the drain.

I want you back so bad,
You were the one in my life,
Even though we fought a lot we were OK,
And now you have a new girl.

I thought we would be together forever,
You made me feel special,
You've been there for me,
And now you say you don't even like me anymore.

I know that is bullshit,
You would lie to make yourself look cool,
you're just going to forget who truly likes you,
And now you won't even talk to me.

I wish I could go back in time,
you would be sitting here with me now,
But you wouldn't give up your girl,
And now you won't even look at me.

I just want to know what made you hate me,
You told me you would always love me,
I wonder if that's still true,
And you won't even go back out with me.

I know I should get over you,
But you don't know how hard it is,
I'm just so mad at myself for doing something so stupid,
And now you say I hate her.

It just don't make sense why I did it,
you wouldn't change your mind about me,
But I dream you do,
And now it's on me-------------------I'm the one crying.



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