A Broken Mother..A Lost daughter

by Hailey   Apr 17, 2005

She Watches As They Lay The Ashes
Of Her Little Girl That Went Away
She Screams "God Bring Her Back To Me"
Even Though He Tried But Couldn't Make Her Stay

Her Four Brothers Stand At The Oceans Edge
Watching The Wind Take Whats Left Of Their Sister
All Of Them Fighting Away The Tears Of Remorse And Pain
And All The Time Feeling So Incomplete And Bitter

Walking To The Car So Blank And Tearful
People say Their Sorry And Cry
The Broken Mother Docent Here These Words
She Just Looks Toward The Sky

And In A Whisper Ever So Soft
She Prays To A God She Now Doesn't believe Exists
"Why Out Of All The People In The World"
"Did You Have To Take The One So Many People Would Miss"

"Why Did You Take A Loving Sister"
"A Mind So Full Of Beautiful Poetic Words"
"But Most Of All,Why Did You Take My daughter"
And Then She Got Into The Car Thinking She Wasn't Heard

Each Dealt With Their Pain So Differently
The Brothers Just Mourned Without A Word
But That broken Mother Cried Even So Loud
That From Heaven,Her Daughter Heard

After Many Weeks Of Crying
Knowing This Pain Would Never End
A Little Light From Heavens Corner
Decided A Miracle They Would Send

One day That Mother woke Up
And Walked Into Her Daughters Room
Made Her Bed And Opened Her Window
Tidied The Place Her Daughter Met Her Doom

While Pulling The Sheets Up
And Looking At Stained Patch On The Floor
Even Though Someone Had Cleaned It Up
The Misery Consumed Her Enough,She Went To Walk Out The Door

But Her Shoe Had Caught The Sheet
And she Fell Onto The Wood Floor Hard
Panting,She Realized Something Quite Odd
One Small Wooden Plank Was Somewhat Jarred

She Grabbed A Screwdriver From The Cupboard
And Prayed The Old Board Upright
Their Neatly Tied In A Red Ribbon
Were The Last Words She Wrote That Night

Addressed To MY Dearest Loving Family
She Opened Up The One That Said My Brothers And Mummy
Looking At The Cute Little Flowers In The Corner
She Whispered "God,I Miss You So Much Honey"

The Letter Wasn't Very Long
Maybe A Page In It All
But Those Few Paragraphs Said More
Than A Letter So Wide And Tall

She Sat Upon Her Daughters Writing Chair
Which Her Daughter Sat In Every day
Cleared Her Throat To Read Last Words
To Hear What Her Little Angel Had To Say

"Now Mummy I Know You'll Miss Me"
And I Hope You Fine This Letter Alright
I Knew God Would Show You Wear It Is
When You Were Ready To See The Light

I Can See You Crying From Heaven
And Please Don't Cry Anymore
Even If You Had Found Me In Time
You Would've One day Found This Letter In The Floor

I Know The Boys Are Strong
But They Cant Deal With This On Their Own
Help Them With Their Grief And Pain
Make This Painful Place A Loving Home

Tell Them I Love Them All So Much
And Don't Hate This Whole Wide World
Tell The Youngest God Sometimes Takes
Special Boys And Special Teenage Girls

Tell The Two Middle Rascals
That I Love Them Even If They Annoy
Oh And Tell Them Both One More Thing
Life For Them Will Be Filled With Happiness And joy

Tell The Eldest From Deep IN My Heart
To Not Leave His Dreams At The Door
I Know He'll Finish UNI and Go To Medical School
He Was Built For Something Amazing And More

And Please Tell Him I Love Him
He Was Amazing Like No Other
Tell Him Ill Watch Him And The Boys
And Their All The Most Wonderful Brothers

and Mum I Have Special Message
One I Didn't Tell You Nearly enough
You Made Me See What A Family Is
You Taught Me Love And How To Be Tough

You Taught Me To Show Empathy
And That Its OK To Talk And Cry
And I Know You Feel You Failed me
Because After All Those Lessons,i Still Wanted To Die

But I Had A Pain Somewhere Hidden
That You Couldn't find Or mend
I Wasn't Who I Wanted To Be On Earth
And One day I Know You'll Understand

Now Mourn For Me If You Want
But Please Not For Too Long
You Have Four Beautiful Boys
who Need A Helping Hand Along

Ill Always Be Your Daughter
Who Will Be Remember As Fifteen forever
Ill Always Be Watching You And Loving You
And Ill Make Sure Were Always Together

I Know You Wont Forget Me
But Let The Pain Go In Time
Forever Your Little Girl
With A Black Signed

That Mother Put That Letter To Her Chest
And Whisper" You'll Always Be My Little Girl"
Regardless If Your Way Up There"
You'll Still Be My Whole wide Magical Word

And With That She Closed The Door
And That Little Girl Could finally Float Away
And This Is The Story About A Mother And Daughter
The Story Of When I Left Earth And Went My Way...

Comments And Votes Would Be Loved And Appreciated As Always..Haven't posted In A While SO id Love Some Feedback..Thanks


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  • 14 years ago

    by Ashley_LOVES_Jason

    .... theres nothin u can really say to that except... wow!

    i loved it keep em comin...


  • 14 years ago

    by Ashley_LOVES_Jason

    .... theres nothin u can really say to that except... wow!

    i loved it keep em comin...