To Whom It May Concern

by Jackie   Apr 23, 2005

The day I met you
I looked straight into your eyes
And at that moment
You had me mesmorized

Things are going good
I couldn't be happier
Can you even imagine
Spending our whole life together?

What a wonderful fantasy
There can't be anything better in the world
Than to wake up to your sweet kiss
Being held in your arms

This blissful fantasy
Can only be a dream
A dream that can only be reached
When I sleep

Now I know
That I have expected too much
I set my standards too high
For the style of your life

Sometimes I really wonder
If you really do see me
If you really do listen to me
Sometimes I really wonder

Did you see me when I smiled at your joke?
Did you hear me when I whispered 'I love you'?
Did you see me cry when my heart was broken?
Were you there for me?

I'm sitting here
I just wish someone would kill me
It's hard to imagine life without you
It's painful to think about each day

I will never let you go
As crazy as it may seem
You the one for me
And always will be

Whether or not you listened to me
I don't care if you didn't wipe away my tears
I'll always be here
So don't forget about me

*this is to my boyfriend Tyler,
I love you very much and please don't forget me when you leave for Texas, and you will always have someone who loves you!*



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  • 13 years ago

    by shamvi

    Very sweet,..keep it it.