I speak the truth you die to hear.

by the love of another fills my soul   May 1, 2005

I know the truth, so I speak it. if u need it.
I tell u. tho u may not wanna hear it andu may b mad.
u'll thank me in the end. so dont fight it. go with the
truth. follow wat i tell u. it will see u thru 2 the
end.i kno the truth ,thast why god chose me 2 speak
thru. and help those in need. and this is why i feel
the loneliness. because i have a gift. but in return .
i have 2 pay a debt 4 losing my own happiness.
2 help the otheres, i should b praised 4 helping
otheres, and instead i'm cursed. i have a
blessing, but the rest, wel lthe rest is all a curse


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  • 14 years ago

    by pale angel

    You done a great job keep up the good work. and always have fun with your work.