by katie   May 5, 2005

You lay there as I watch you
And I feel there nothing I can do
I wish I could heal your pain
Because all I do is love you
I want to reach for your hand
But it feels like it's too much for both us to handle
Instead, I stand here awkwardly
My burning sorrow, a candle
You said you couldn't help it
Tears filled your eyes
I didn't respond, But you knew
All I can do was sympathize
Everything was normal one second
Then, next, Everything changed
It happened so fast
everything seemed to be rearranged
I feel distant from you
And I cry at nigh
I can only pray for your safe return
And everything will be all right
Out of sight, out of my mind
Buts that's not the case
I think about you all the time
I always see your face
I'm scared of being forgotten
My name slipping from your lips
My eyes erased from your memory
From your ears, the sound of my voice slips
It breaks my heart every time
I have to leave you
"Bye daddy. I love you" I say
And you faintly say "I love you too"
I leave and return home
Going back to my life
While you stay there weak
Holding on until your last strife
But you're strong. I know
You will return to your normal self
And everything will be ok again
And then I can feel good about my self
But if this doesn't happen
You will always be in my heart
Mt thoughts, my mind, my dreams
Always, when we're apart


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  • 15 years ago

    by mayme

    very good.