Still Friends Forever

by paulina.♥   May 5, 2005

Friends forever.
That's what I thought.
Despite the very few
Occasions that we fought.

I loved you.
And you loved me.
Friends forever,
We could still be.

For one year,
You called me day after day.
Just calling to make sure,
That I was okay.

You're the one
I still love.
The dear friend
I always think of.

We may ignore
Each other in the hall.
But at night,
My true emotions show all.

I really miss you.
Are you okay?
You might hate me,
But in my heart,
You'll always have a place to stay.

And deep in my mind,
I'll always know.
That we're still friends forever.
Even if that doesn't show.

(To Jesus, he may not know it, but I miss him. If only I could tell him..)


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  • 14 years ago

    by paulina.♥

    No, Yulia. I know he doesn't feel the same way.