I shouldn't care

by ♥~Sªήdяª~♥   May 5, 2005

Why do I have to pretend
That I don't want to go out with you
I shouldn't care what others will think
I shouldn't care what they say about you

They should be happy for me
That I have a boyfriend
Isn't it want they wanted
Didn't they say it'd be great in the end

So what if I don't know you NOW
If all I know is you name
I'm sure I'll get to like you
Then things will never be the same

I shouldn't care if they say your loser
And that I can do much better than you
Don't worry, If I thought this
We'd be through

I shouldn't care about the rumors they spread
I shouldn't really care if they're true
Cause they are gonna get over it
Cause I'm NOT breaking up with you

Everyone deserve a chance
I will get to know you more
And maybe who knows
by then it might be you who I adore

If I shouldn't care what they think
When they look at us wondering why
Then maybe I don't love you
You weren't meant to be my guy

Cause even though I shouldn't care
I care a great deal
Am I tricking myself into liking you
Or are my feelings real?


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