Didn't know

by ♥~Sªήdяª~♥   May 14, 2005

Best friends forever
A guy and a girl
He is her life
She is his world

She never said she loved him
Cause she was never sure
But the guy always knew
that he loved her

Jealousy took over
and tore them apart
but you can't help feeling
And you can't stop your heart

Later they were friends
And they felt the same
They played each other
In this hurtful game

One day he told her
That he loves her so
She said she loved him
So now they both know

Their flirtatious friendship
grew into a fling
And they both didn't know
Of the happiness it'd bring

Endless years of fun
growing up, growing old
Since the day they met
their hearts were sold

Now He lay dying
On the hospital bed
She held his hand
And with his last words he said

"You are my everything
You made my life worth all the while
You know what to say
to make me laugh and smile

I can't believe
So long ago
We loved for so long
And we both didn't know

Now You are my angel
Sent to me from above
You are my wife
the one that I love."


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  • 15 years ago

    by Brittany

    this poem is so good u should like make it published!

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