He's Mine

by ♥~Sªήdяª~♥   May 7, 2005

We've been friends for sometime now
And everyday it seems
That the man that I have
Is the man of your dreams

We promised each other
No guy would get in our way
But you broke your half of the promise
So I'm breaking mine today

You can't just hit on my man
And expect me not to fight back
But I have so many things
That he knows that you lack

So back off now
Because he won't leave me
So stop being a fool
Cause I won't take it easy

He isn't on chains
So do what you want
But he won't go for you
No matter how much you flaunt

It's been a week
And everyone can tell
The more that you flirt
The more your going through hell

Give up the fight
Cause you can't win
You will never be his type
You will never get him!

So even if you think
God, he's so fine
Keep it in your head
Cause you know he's mine!


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