My Subconscious Mind

by Seductive   May 11, 2005

As the rain hits my window,

Soft music escapes my stereo,
There is intense pleasure,
I’m felling near my torso,

My sweet sent lingers in the air,
You’re holding me close,
Whispering baby no more fear,

You don’t need to worry,
Because I will always be here,

The candles are setting the mood,

This is my technique for you to relax,
Were both are in a sweat,
As were about to reach our climax,

From each others love,
It’s like were under a spell,
Were so conjoined that it’s hard to tell,

As you caress my neck with your tongue,
It’s sending a tingling feeling,
In my body leaving me sprung,

The sparkle in your eyes,
Sends a chill down my spine,
The moment we are sharing,
Is pure divine,

This is an old chapter,
Of a new beginning,

It was once in the past,
Brought to the future to enjoy a happy ending...........

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Latest Comments

  • 18 years ago

    by StormShadow

    This is a geat poem, full of beautiful thoughts and feelings. I esp like the last four lines, they close they close the poem very nicely in a celever way. All in all a good job!

  • 19 years ago

    by HJ

    Firstly thank you so, so much for all your kinds words and encouragment, I see that you really took the time to read and digest my work, means alot to me, thanks!!

    Great poem, so honest and raw!! Diction and flow flawless. Very thought provoking with much visonary passion.


  • 19 years ago

    by lindsey

    hey hey hey that was good 2...keep writin girl..i love your poems...<3 lindsey

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