4 months

by ♥~Sªήdяª~♥   May 13, 2005

**Long, but please read. I wrote this for my friend Hannah. Please vote and comment. Thanks...**

She takes her heart
And freely gives it away
To a great guy
Who promised he'd stay
4 months she has loved him
4 months he wasn't sure
To her it was heaven
To him it was a blur
Second thoughts creep up
In the back of her mind
Does she really love him
The answer she'd have to find
She was never sure
If he loved her back
And her friend always thought
Love is what he lacked
So many before have loved him
Yet he was so blind to see
So many lovely people
One of those people were me
She needs to have an answer
Is he really true
Does she have his heart
She doesn't know what to do
You can't just walk away
When you give away your heart
But she can't just sit there
As her life falls apart
She cries herself to sleep
At the slightest thought him
She thinks her life will be happy
But maybe it will be grim
For the 4 months of heaven
They never did much
All they was talk
They never even touched
Not even a hug
Or even holding hands
This wasn't her ideal guy
Those weren't her ideal plans
But she grew to love him
And he likes her more and more
But he never admits he loves her
Even though it's her he adores
One day she couldn't take it
She called him one the phone
She told him how she felt
She felt all alone
He told her he was sorry
But if she felt that way
Maybe they weren't meant to be
They broke up that day
4 months wasted
Her heart broke in two
She cried for days and days
Not knowing what to do
Then one day she decided
She couldn't take it anymore
She ran into her room
And she locked her door
She took out a razor
And gently cut her skin
She forgot she was cutting
And doing her deadly sin
Her mother burst out crying
When she opened up the door
That morning they found her dead
On her bedroom floor
4 months of happiness
For years and years of death
She never knew some guy
Would lead to her last breath...


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