Comments : Tired of the game

  • 15 years ago

    by broken_dreams_broken _heart

    wow, this is so good! i really like the thing about the smile, its so true. anyway, an excellent poem, well done!

  • 15 years ago

    by deadnalone

    awesome. excellent poem hun. absolutely amazing. well i loved it anyways lol. im always here if u need to talk,

  • 15 years ago

    by Lemma

    Another great poem. Keep writing. It seems tough rite now but it will get better. Promise.

    Emma xx

  • 15 years ago

    by Lil Luce

    wow another wonderful poem! really liked how u discribed the times throught the day/life...superb!!!
    take care

  • 15 years ago

    by rachyBBY

    Awww what a good poem..i loved it!! i liked the part about the smile also, sometimes i feel like thats what i have to do with mii life =/ great poem 5/5