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heya ppl, i dont no wat 2 put here, really. i was depressed, and started cutting myself as a way to release some of the stress, but i was hiding it from my friends quite well. i am a good liar in life, i have to be to hide some of the things i do to myself, and what others have done to me. in my poetry i think i face up to my feelings more, and i feel that i can survive life better once things are down on paper. doing stuff like this has really helped me 2 cope with things, so i wanna say thanks 2 evry1 on here who has listened 2 my ramblings, and commented on my poems! k, wel, gonna stop blabbing on

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  • Every time someone breaks my heart and i try to glue it together the joints get a little weaker... until one day i piece my heart together and it falls apart straight away...

    15 years ago
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  • Walked in day
    yet loved the night
    hated the war
    yet was forced to fight

    15 years ago
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  • I look at the stars
    I gaze at the moon
    All I can wish
    Is that I’ll die soon

    15 years ago
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