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poetry hasn't really been my scene these past two years. i'd like to start writing again, though. to everyone that votes and comments, you have my gratitude. i don't copy, so i expect the same respect.


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  • It's always too late
    To say what I need...

  • It's kind of funny how things work out
    How he works so hard for your heart...

  • It all seems so distant now
    It's shoved in the back of my mind...

  • I wish I could put into words
    These burdens that I feel...

  • It's no use to think about these things
    Imagining things that aren't true...

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  • Some people say, just forget about him.
    well, let's see you forget about your whole world.

    17 years ago
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  • And cracks in the concrete are reminders that you fall apart, no matter how strong you are.

    17 years ago
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  • BEN && JERRY

    the two men that will always be there when im in need of comfort.

    17 years ago
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