by kishi tenshi   Jun 12, 2005

Late at night, i thought of all the things we have shared,
from the past,
I remember, hand to hand,
we're walking together
happy and satisfied,
on each other we cared.

I, myself realize,
I'm happy when I'm at your side,
this feeling I have now,
still keeps my mind on asking how,
how do I fall for you???

Now, I'm struggling with my feelings,
and I don't now what to do,
whether to stop this foolish act,
or just follow this stupid heart,
but the promise we have for each other,
that we'll remains friends forever,
keeps hurting me inside!!!!

Yes, you love me, but as your guide,
and as your sister always at your side,
And I love the feeling when I'm with you.
If you'll ask me whom I'm longing for,
It's you, baby, after all,
It's not that I'm asking for a reward,
for all the things I've done for you,
i just want you to love me too!!!

You might think it's impossible for me to fall for you,
but if you will just realize what you've done to me,
how you care, how you share, and how you make me CRAZY!!!!

FRIENDS FOREVER, yes that's the promise,
and I'm sorry if I'll broke it,
even though it's easy for you to keep it,
because there's nothing that I can do,
but to keep on loving you!!!

These days, your not by my side,
and I'm longing for those sweet smiles,
that let the sun shines in my life,

I'm still hoping up to now,
that your heart may change
and you will love me somehow!!!

I miss the way you look at me,
it gives me the confident inside,
the confidence to tell that you always make me feel fine,
and that with you, I'm brave,
and that I can do the best in life!!

I always pray to God, so dearly,
that I may know if you ever have some feelings for me,
a feeling that will let me to trust in you,
that when I fall, you'll catch me too.


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