Another chance

by jessica   Jun 17, 2005

Broken up
but still feeling the pain
i miss you like crazy
its driving me insane

i know I'm the one who did it
and i know i should make up my mind
but i don't know what to believe
its like my hearts blind

i let go of something so good
something that made me smile with glee
but i can't live on
if i know theres no you and me

I'm sorry for doing it
because of what other people thought
i now know that the advice from my heart
is what i should have sought

i miss you
and i know you miss me
I'm just telling you
that you will always be worthy

you were my first love
and the best guy Ive ever met
but i couldn't help but think
that it was someone else you would have kept

i couldn't tell your truth from lies
maybe that was what went wrong
but I'm willing to give it another go
because its your love that i long 4

just hear me out
and think about what we have
and if you decide to let it go 4 sure
ill still be here for old laughs

**nOt DoNe- DeDiCaTeD**


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  • 14 years ago

    by Rigena

    gr8. can relate so much. I wrote this one poem not rhyming. but I didn't post it. it's too personal. but I'll prob do it later lol. WGr8. I'm adding u to me favorites. kee it uip =]