Crumbling walls

by Kayloni Ann   Jun 26, 2005

My walls are crumbling around me,
my strength has left my side,
you come to me so sudden,
with your arms open wide!
I try to push you away,
but you only push right back,
My force isn't strong enough,
the mask I wore I lack!
What to do I don't know,
I've never felt this way,
like this I've only loved one other,
and for that I had to pay!
I was trn to a million pieces,
I was damaged through & through,
I've been fragile ever since,
now along comes you!
Please know that I want you,
It's just that I'm really weak,
everytime I talk to you,
my heart skips a beat!
It's really hard to believe,
that I could fell this way again,
For you I care so deeply,
I want to be with you Ben!


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