Dont u see whats shes trying to do

by SatansDevotion   Jun 27, 2005

She tried to take you from me,
you could not see it cause you where busy doing other things.

She fallowed you around yet you never noticed it.
sometimes you fallowed her not knowing thats what she wants.

I can see the desire she has for you in her eyes.
and i weep at the thought that you might give in to her.

I have tried to pull you out of her grasp but she would not stay away.
You could not see the pain in my eyes every moment we where around her and the tears that fell when you spoke to her.

To you shes just a friend, to her your more than a friend, to me she is a threat.

Honestly i really don't no how you feel about her.
Some times you show actions that tell me you are flirting back but some actions are innocent and show your unawarness of her lust.

people tell me things and i think back to those days and wonder "did he really know this?? is this just a misunderstanding??"

fate can only determine what will happen so i will sit here and hope and weep that what they say is not true and that you are as faithful as i am to you.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Antnee

    to me it sounds like more of a note to him....instead of a poem but i don't know.I give it a 4 anyway