With out you

by SatansDevotion   Oct 23, 2005

I'm afraid of ever having to let him go. i love him so much. if it ever ended i could never live through the next day. cause without him i am nothing, i have nothing and i would never allow myself to be any thing cause life is not worth living with out him by my side. hes the one who keeps me here and without him i fear that, that feeling of loneliness will get the best of me. it killed my soul once and left a germinate scar. to this day i fear being alone. hes the only one who makes me feel alive. hes the only one who can keep me alive. don't ever leave me cause i love you so much...nothing in this world could replace the happiness i feel when I'm with you. not even death its self could separate me from you
*i love you Aaron*


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