The Coldest Summer Day

by the middle   Jul 25, 2005

When i saw you earlier that day,
I could've sworn all our troubles were miles away.
we spent all day surfing, and talking under the sun,
we were happily running, laughing, and having so much fun.
We lay all day in the summer heat,
with the scorching sand burning our feet.
We had plans for us all to be together that night,
it felt like everything was right.
We came to pick you up from your place,
but you had gone without a trace.
We found your letter of goodbyes,
you told us you loved us, and not to cry.
When we found you lying there, motionless, i couldn't breathe,
choking on my tears, why did you leave?
My whole body froze, i couldn't move,
blood was rushing from my face, as i stood staring at you.
We came home and had to tell all your friends,
and watch them break down as their worlds seemed to end.
Our nights we're sleepless and unbearably long,
so quickly it had gone from feeling right, to all wrong.
we'll burn everything, your every possession,
and maybe the smoke from our fire will reach you in heaven.
We will never cease to wonder why,
but I've become to numb, and run my tears dry.
I'm glad you were here, but so sad you're gone,
and i will see you again, when my days are done.

**for Morgy and Rohiny. Rest In Peace Chris**


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  • 14 years ago

    by Torn

    That is awesome btw...
    check out my latest poem plz...
    love ya x x x

  • 14 years ago

    by fallen angel

    it was a really touching poem. there was lots of emotion, your words were very powerful. you have an amzing talent, im glad you write about how you feel, its really good. never stop writing your poems. xxx