The Anthem Of Relentless Tension.

by Foresaken_Tears   Aug 26, 2005

Gleam, gleam my toxic blade,
Reveal yourself from this Cliche,
Sing, sing your dutiful song,
Whilst in my pen I am confiding,
Have haste, leave your blood - black tattoo,
In crevices, milky white you shall sleep,
Run, run my bitter tears,
From gashes of old you will seep.

Silvery shivers, send down my spine,
Allow me no contentment,
Cry, cry for what it's worth,
In another low wail of disgust,
Slice, dice my untamed hand,
Hold onto the secrets you keep,
Scream, scream tattered shards of pain,
Let my voice flow from wells of the deep.

Dream, dream of a deathly white face,
Comprehend this inevitability,
Scab, scar my gaping, red smiles,
So I will remember you always,
Hide, seek in shadows and masks,
Your cold edge always finds me,
Live fast, die young on this razors edge,
With my dreams always one step behind me.


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