My Sister, My Anna

by Failed Attempt   Oct 4, 2005

The incredible guilt
I live with
Knowing I've hurt
The only person
I've ever cared for

I opened my heart
But I shut the door
What I did was a disgrace
A position I put myself in
I made the wrong choice

My sister, my Anna
We fight, we laugh, we love
This love is just so deep
Each heart beat
Beats for Anna

For its Anna
I broke her heart
I broke her trust
Her first real lust
I destroyed her chance to be happy

My actions
Will not be forgotten
My love is far too great
It's a shame I met Anna so late

The better person is Anna
The strong person
Blinded to all beauty
Refusing to let herself see
What I see to be

My Anna
My sin
My sister

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  • 14 years ago

    by Torn

    Hmm yeh this meant a lot at the time you gave it to me..never got the chance to tell you that.
    thankyou i guess even thoughh it brings back not the happiest memories..put it that way...

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