Twisted Red and Black

by Eden   Oct 6, 2005

Mystical strength reflected in the sheen of black that starts to grow from the earthen love. A soft, but sinister, chuckle arrives from deep within the jagged mass that moves with such agility. Made from obsidian character, the Knowledge is its foundation, and the stars' lights are absorbed into its infinite core. He comes up from love's hearth twisting and turning, calling for the flames to dance to the tune of balanced chaos...and soon the flames do answer.

In a rush of eagerness, a strand of fire flows through the toxic air to meet the black chords of mystery that she so loves. Orange and yellow with blue desire melting in her heart, she needs the touch of ebony's grace. She slows upon meeting this delicate creation...her inate senses are keen to learn...but she does not know how to dance. This ethereal life is my own.

The black strands of darkness coalesce into a form of black liquid...Eyes are empty, yet so clearly seen as red. The eyes are looking through a hole in a wall and seeing a battle on the other side. With those eyes just staring at me...I shudder, but am not afraid.
I was eager to learn the path of my my own strands of eternity became a being of feminine fire, wanting to dance with darkness.
The dark form before me nods his head slowly and shows me the correct steps for the tune. I look over and see that the symphony is being played by all manners of demonic entities...all with their eyes upon us. But the ebony form in front of me paid no heed to their urgent stares.
Quickly, I copied his rhythmic was easier than I had hoped.
But the next step he showed me, I could not complete...for there was something inside that was holding me back.
Again and again, I tried to follow his dance...but never could I obtain my goal. The black strands grew frustrated and unraveled into his basic form, and caressed my head gently.

"From now on...I will not teach you." He said. "I will love you. But I cannot do both, because what I have to teach you has nothing...absolutely do with love. will have to find your own teacher. I think that Halet knows exactly what she is doing. She chose her Child so well..."

The fire burned and raged within. I grew a brighter red than before. I was desperate to be worthy of his teaching. I was desperate to find my destined path...
But now I see so perfectly that this whole thing was a lesson...and I truly am not ready for his lessons, yet. No...not yet. But very soon I will.


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  • 16 years ago

    by CHIP

    Wow. i thought that was really good. i liked how u worded everything.