Cloak of Fear

by Eden   Nov 2, 2005

Crystal Depths calling me
Glowing auras I can see
Sometimes I survive...
But I am not alive.
The drums control my heart
The steady beats apart...
One step turn
Colliding to burn
Taste the ashes with my skin
Fukcing the elements...such a sin.
Sewing steadily what man fears,
This ebony cloak of mine appears.
Rays of sunlight drift on through...
Calling me and calling you.
I drift unscathe by the water under
Tearing my mind with its laughter asunder.
I danced that song
That to my soul was wrong
Now dripping blood from my hand
Stuck in time and wading in its sand.
Empty souls crash right through me...
Emptiness is what I see.
A lonesome ache from the elements
No room for gentle sentiments.
I wear my cloak for all to see...
For what they fear is me.


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  • 15 years ago

    by ~* gifted little fallen~*

    Wooooww that was like totaly brutal and dark... love it ... like i do all of urs actually :D

    stay true love