Dear Adam..

by Failed Attempt   Oct 19, 2005

You left without saying goodbye
in the time all i wanted was to die
i liked you so much
i missed your soft touch.
i learnt to just forget you
thats not what i wanted to do.
i felt such guilt how i lost it at you
i look back now
that guilt i shouldn\'t of felt towards you.
how you hurt me
i don\'t get why i liked you
i saw this side of you
behind the lies.
we both had anorexia
we tried to support each other
not the best idea
you cheated on me,
and not spent nearly enought time with me
i refused to see the worst in you
i wouldn\'t beieve
the way you treated mei choose to forgive
thats all i can give...
you want more
you blew your chance
i\'ve fallin in love
with somebody else.


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  • 13 years ago

    by nestea

    I realy liked it, especialy the last phrase... that's what the basterd deservs! keep it up!

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