by kez inch   Nov 14, 2005

A fake smile won't hide away the pain

Fake acts won't get you off memory lane

Your going to remember me no matter what

I will always have a place in your heart

I was your first love, and you were mine

And our lives are connected, our love will always shine

A fake word won't make me better it will only make me worse

Fake presents won't help either you can keep you deep red rose

For that rose will die one day just like our love

We will also go one day to the heavens up above

I know you really love me i know you really care

But every time i need your never ever there

If your going to love me, love me now not when I am gone

For then it would be to late and we won't be the ones that one

We will forever be sad living with regret

And you will always be my shinning star the one i can't forget

I say i know but i can't be sure

But everytime I'm talking to some guy i can tell you feel so insecure

But don't pretend to love me if you really don't just leave me alone and leave

For i rather cry then to live in a lie just go and don't come back your love for me i shall not receive

Fake cries will soon dry away

But the scars in my heart will forever stay


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