Leave Me

by kez inch   Feb 8, 2006

Hearing that sad word goodbye

Blaming myself wondering why

My tearing eyes

So many lies

My breaking heart

Don't want to part

Don't know what went wrong

There were times our love felt strong

No one could come between

Love that the world hasn't seen

You can't just throw everything away

Not after all this time you need to stay

I've never needed anything so bad before

In my heart you've opened a door

Others have came and passed on by

But your the only one that made me cry

You've made me see life so differently

How could you say now your not in love with me?

All this time have been loving you

Waiting until the day I say I do

I call you everyday

Just to hear you say

You are not around

Sometimes I call and don't make a sound

Just to know that your ok

Makes all my bad thoughts go away

If you think your leaving is right

Go on I'll try to be alright

And if i don't please don't worry

You closed the book and ended the story

And every time the story ends

And every time someone pretends

Pretends that they'll be alright

The truth is they can't sleep at night

They think at night of what to do

I'll go crazy without you

I can't take back things I've done

I will never move on with anyone

And when things get hard at times

I'll look up at the stars in the sky

Knowing your looking at them too

Shining my love all over you

You wanted to know what i would do

If one day I lost you

Well I won't move on

Not when you're gone

I won't be happy or sad

And when I die I will die as myself it's not bad

I'm ok I swear I'll be ok

You want to leave go on don't stay

My fake smiles will cover my pain

My tears will turn into stain

As long as I know you're happy

Go ahead and leave me


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  • 14 years ago

    by yaRis

    Very interesting nicely done!