Just Another Love Poem...

by Bia   Nov 24, 2005

I know I don't always tell you,
but you brighten up my days.
You show me just how much you care,
in so many different ways.

I know I don't always hold you,
but its your heart I love to touch.
So I'm writing you a poem to say,
I love you baby, so much.

I know I don't always agree with you,
and thats a well known fact.
But everyone has to argue sometimes,
they say opposites attract.

I know I don't always do for you,
the way you always do for me.
But baby, I do know one thing,
You and I were meant to be.

I know I don't always show it,
But honey, just know I care.
And wherever you may go,
Look over your shoulder, I'll be there.


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