by Anna   Dec 28, 2005

My friend's elder brother
Was cute as can be
His beautiful blue eyes
casted a spell on me.

As we laid in his bed
he was sweetly tender
just kissing for hours
was our agenda.

I asked him for love
but he wanted just fun
I knew I've been used
By a b_tch's son.

Then I got to know a boy
He instantly made me laugh
And unfortunately I thought
That we fit like hand in glove.

He knew what I wanted
Maybe he saw in my face.
Sometimes I felt asleep
In his protective embrace.

So I asked him for love
But I was too young
Again I've been used
By another b_tch's son.

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  • 18 years ago

    by Pure Silence

    A story know oh too well, Nicely said Hun, Im sorry that happened to you, But someone WIll love you and be the right age, Don't worry your time is comming -hugs- Smile, the expriences are ones to remember