by latoya   Jan 5, 2006


When the way seems pointless
And you have no place to go

When Life as no meaning
And you are heavy laden

Dont despair
Dont quit
Dont think about your miseries
Dont give in

When your days are numbered and
They tell you, you got not much time to live
And you feel the pain tearing at your skin

When your body starts floating with the wind

Dont my friend
Dont think death
You have to live
Don think about the aches and pains.
Dont quit
Think of life as Gods precious gift.

When friends and family seize to care
And your lifes partner is no where.

When loneliness creeps upon you like a plaque
And eats at your heart and leaves a blank hole in its place

Dont cry
Wipe the tears that flow from your eyes
Dont ask why

For yesterday you were down
But tomorrow new hopes will rise.

A new life will begin with meaning to fill.

Your body will be renewed and your tears dead.

Good friends will treasure you with endless embrace.

So Dont quit
Dont give in
Dont think death
Dont ask why.


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  • 14 years ago

    by keira

    A really good write well done your words seem to sink in and keep others stron well done keep shining