Au Revoir, Arrive Derci, Adios, Goodbye.

by the middle   Jan 6, 2006

Au revoir, arrive derci, adios, goodbye.
crazy isn't it? how the time just goes by?
and isn't it kinda scary, the way we just forget?
but i promised myself no tears, i promised no regrets.
some things will never change, but the majority always will,
and my time is running out tonight, wish i could make time stand still.
so just tell me you'll remember, I'll try my hardest not to cry,
and until i see you all again, Au revoir, arrive derci, adios, goodbye.

**for all the people here in California that I've grown to know and love over these past 5 months. I'll miss you all like crazy! xoxoxo


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  • 14 years ago

    by Torn

    Aw sweet hun.
    Cant wait to see you, and im sure your friends in california will never forget u..nor will u forget htem, and thats the most important thing.
    love u babe xoxo