Cold dark room

by *TIFFANI*   Jan 18, 2006

I sit alone in a cold dark room crying,
Afraid of what life holds for me, and ashamed of what my life has become,
Not knowing where to go, not knowing who to turn to,
I stay in the corner, crying tears of pain and agony,
Feeling like life is the winner and I am the defeated,
Unable to succeed I stay alone crying,
In a last ditch effort I extend my hand, hoping someone will grab it,
And lead me to a place far away from here, far from this pain of life,
Unknowing of where I will end up, I leave the cold dark room,
Eyes swollen and red from the pain that has just left my body,
I take my belongings and begin my journey towards a new beginning,
Down a lonely road I walk alone in search of a better place full of love and peace,
But following my every step, are the hardships of life,
Waiting in anticipation for me to fail and disappoint once again,
And even closer is the corner of the cold dark room.


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    I actually think this is powerfully and well written. I like it.

  • 14 years ago

    by Casey

    Because it reminds me of a cliche teenaged poem, I don't want to give it a five, but because I am guilty of writing cliche teenaged poems, I can't give it less than a three... And I don't want you to think i'm saying that how you feel is cliche, so i give it a four. How you are feeling is really important and writing about it helps you get more in touch with how you feel, but if you expand on some of those lines like "Down a lonely road I walk alone" it could really be amazing.