Your Decision

by *TIFFANI*   Jul 9, 2005

We started out as two
and slowly became one
you had silently stole my heart
and thats where it had all begun

you were with another girl
but you wanted to be with me
yall broke it off and from that moment
i thought we were meant to be

you lived in a different town
but that wasn't a big issue
we would still make it
as long as it was me and you

we had some bumps in the road
but things were still great
and i never even thought of you
to be the guy I'd most hate

we were together for 8 months
the best 8 months of my life
and now i come to find
that everything was a lie

you said we couldn't be together
because i was to far away
but we would be together again
another time another day

i believed you when you told me
we would be together again
but until then
we had to appear as friends

you got with someone else
so none would know our secret
well thats what i was supposed to believe
i gave you back my heart
and all you did was break it

you led me on for 7 more months
to think we would get back together
but during that time
you had fallen in LOVE with her

she was only supposed to be
something to help you pass the time
but now i have to cope with
the fact that your no longer mine

you told me we won't have a future
and that we're a thing in the past
i think your crazy
and your going about things too fast

i want you to remember
if you come back to try things again
I'm not going to be waiting like an idiot
it was your own decision


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Katie Bennett

    I love your rhyme scheme and word choice. You're an amazing writer. You're def. one of my favs!

  • 15 years ago

    by May

    great poem! you're a good writer! *May*