Whisper To Me...

by deadnalone   Jan 19, 2006

{.i love you.}

Tears softened my pillow.

Every night for a weeks I'd cry.
I felt lonely. Ashamed. Ugly.

That first time you put your arms around me again i knew i was happy.
I'd cried torrents of rain for something to make me feel safe. And it came..

..your arms.

You whisper to me love.
You even shout it out loud.
You cuddle me up into your arms and i feel safer than i ever have.
You kiss my forehead and i smile at your affection.

I can't help that tears will fall..
..but if they fall i know they will be caught on your shoulder and that's okay.

I can't help that we may fall out. I really can't..
..but i hope that if we do you'll let me love you again.

I love spending time with you..

..lying on the bed in each others arms. Sleepy time. Feeling cuddly.

..sitting together holding hands talking about everything. Or nothing.

..lying in your arms on the sofa. Watching TV. Feel so comfy.

..standing in the freezing cold with people laughing as we shiver together.

..soft, gentle kisses. Special ones. Close ones.

..when we're horny. It's not always my fault. Really..

..when you whisper you love me in my ear and cuddle me. and i tell you that i love you too.

I know I'm going to cry over you,
But that'll just be okay,
So long as you whisper in my ear,
And cuddle the tears away.

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  • 13 years ago

    by Lemma

    Aww cuteness! Now you're gonna make me have one of those aww-fests lol. Well I'm done for now and thanx 4 the comments :)

    Emmi xx

  • 13 years ago

    by Toni

    Ahww! :-) very cute poem! xxx