Twisted society

by Bleeding Mascara   Jan 28, 2006

Gravy clouds on my blue
short deep breaths nothing new
scary hope from the past
dreams are dreamt but do not last

all the people laid to rest
sunlight to which i breast
rampaging lust that is not right
hurting love broken fight

doubting you and your honesty
wrongs done right we'll never see
poetry kept untold
souls for money are now sold

politicians who r mentally skewed
running countries with different views
people drinking death in the streets
kids walking past on bare feet

languages spoken not of their own
by people whom have left their home
hoping here they'll find their dream
when all we've got is what they've seen

moving places to readjust
different faces meaningless lust
kids with dreams of parents new
hoping thinking loving withdrew

all the shit in one hole day
blue red black or grey
all the colors in some way
make one person who just may
grow to b just rite
and fix our hell and bring us light

none of that matters though
all i want and need to know
is that you'll be there for when i get out
get out of this hell and sort my shit out

i know you'll be waiting
in that patch of green
where dreamers who have dreamt continue to dream


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  • 18 years ago

    by Chris Harding

    Wicked I like it, thanks for commenting on mine.. gunna post some more now I reckon - i only just remembered i signed up to this site...! lol :D

  • 18 years ago

    by LovinMyLife

    I really like this, you're really good. Thanks for commenting on mine too.......luv ya!

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