The Players Game

by mary   Jan 17, 2004

He sweeps you off your feet
Its so magical
Because hes the finest guy you\'ll ever meet
Your so in love
Youve fallen head over heels
He says the perfect words
That always make you melt
You think its so ironic
He feels exactly the way you felt
You heard bad things
But you decided to ignore
You disregard everything
And open up a door
He said hell never hurt you
And hell always be there
You say \"I will always trust you\"
As you get lost in his stare
He is now the center of your world
But little do you know
Hes the center of every other girls
You catch him with your best friend
And you never talk to her again
He said he was sorry
As he tried to make amends
You take him back
Because you cant live without him
You are now in his trap
And theres no getting out again
They say \"hes nothing but a player\"
\"Everybody knows\"
But you think theyre just being haters
Because he loves you so
You know he treats you bad
But you love him so much
Its too late to take it back
You catch him flirting with other girls
But he says its OK
Because youre the center of his world
He hurts you and makes you cry
But you cant let him go
Because hes the \"perfect\"guy
You start to regret the things youve done
But its just too late
It cant be undone
He doesnt love you
And you know it very well
He lied to you
And cheated as well
You regret not listening
When they warned you about him
Because youre in a dangerous game
You know hes gonna win
Your caught in his trap
Youre playing his game
You dont know how it happened
As you hold your head in shame
He\'ll lie to you
And never feel bad
He\'ll steel the innocence
You once had
Beware of the players
Theyll break your heart
When you start to love them most
Theyll rip it apart
Players dont care who you are
As long as they get you
In the backseat of their car
All players play the same game
So when you think theyre different
Theyre all the same
When you see a player dont fall in love
Because theyll steal your heart
And rip it all up


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  • 11 years ago

    by tania

    Ur poem is hella good i like it

  • 12 years ago

    by pimpin pimpcezz

    Hey i thot it was kul

  • 14 years ago

    by Kevin

    I would advise you, as a moderator to remove this poem from your list, as it is, an almost carbon copy, not word for word, but close enough, of Megans, poem.

    I'm sure you can write your own poems.

    I'll give you a few days.