by latoya   Feb 22, 2006

Where were you when I called?

When my words begged and pleaded
and my body was lifted from the floor.
They captured me, violated me and spat in my face
and I shouted,
"No more".

They who abused me were apart of you.
Dressed in red stripe and sporting big ride
a gift, from you and me.

I need you to hear me now,
To listen to my plea.
I want an answer..
Why did you do this to me?
Did you not train them right
or did you just pull them from off the streets?

I had a future bright.. But you took that away from me.
I had a humble stride, I did whats right, I did not steal or cheat nor did I lie,
yet you did not believe me.

NO!!! They____ like you, were in the right.

I visualized a prefect system.. One
that feeds upon facts and is govern by the truth.
But you did me an injustice and my mind screams ...
and I comfort my soul,
as I walked in your hall of justice and
exploded like a pot of gold.


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