Willow Tree

by Libra2068   Apr 4, 2006

The hours ticking by
And you are in my thoughts
I lie in my bed
With all my clothes on
Just watching the clock
When I finally get up
Its dark outside
I make something to eat
But don't eat one bite
I but on my sneakers
And walk outside
I walk the three blocks to your house
When I get to the steps
I turn and walk away
I can't imagine seeing you again
But I know I will
I go home after walking around for hours
Its almost light out
And I lie back in my bed
I barely sleep
But when I do get up
I leave and get a bus
To go to our favorite place
In the park under that willow tree
I lie there and close my eyes
And I open them to the sound of your voice
Your kneeling in front of me
And for the first time in days I smile
You look in my eyes
We know it was a mistake
And you sit down beside me
I fall asleep inside your arms
And wake up to the stars
Under that big willow tree


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