by Libra2068   Jun 15, 2005

In the corner bruised and beaten
She sits and waits for light and freedom
As the sun comes up she wipes her tears
And sneaks off to another day of hell

Suicide seems like the only answer
As shes think about her life
Nothing ever goes right for mher
One day he will end it all for her...

Should she be the one to take her own pain away?
She won't let this go on much longer
Who should she really trust in this world?
She is alone,She is afraid,What should she do?

That night he is not home
So she sneaks off to her room
And writes a letter to someone
Saying how much she's in pain

Then she takes the knife
From the box from underneath her bed
She cuts her wrist and all her worries
Slowly are lifted out of her body

She has no more pain where she is
She can be free
And never worry about anything

This actually happened to my best friend.I never knew about it.Till I read the letter.I miss her every single day.I wrote this poem for her.In her letter she said I was her only friend.She would've stayed for me but she couldn't take the pain.I would really like to know what you guys think.


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